The smallest-in-industry GPU IP making graphics solutions
that enrich displays on any embedded systems possible

The GSHARK-TAKUMI family lines up GPU IP cores developed for embedded system devices such as digital cameras. The track record exceeding a hundred million shipments on commercial silicons proves that our hardware accelerator IP cores are highly reliable.

TAKUMI’s proprietary GPU architectures that integrate high performance, low power consumption, and small CPU load make on-the-fly graphics rendering on embedded system devices possible.

The GSHARK-TAKUMI family architecture easily and smartly realizes the graphics rendering like what you see on PCs, smartphones, and home gaming devices, enabling graphics applications including human-machine interfaces as well as rich user experiences.

List of Products

API standard conformance
Product overview
OpenVG 1.1
Gen 4 2D (vector graphics) GPU IP Further advanced architecture for minimized CPU load and increased pixel performance in vector processing.
OpenVG 1.1 /
OpenGLES 1.1
Gen 4 2D (vector graphics) & 3D GPU IP A GPU IP combining 3D and 2D rendering features with high performance, low power consumption, and minimum CPU load.
High-performance 2D (sprite graphics) GPU IP combining high pixel processing capacity and minimum gate count.
OpenGL ES 2.0 / 1.1 /
OpenVG 1.1
A shader architecture type 3D GPU Integrating the OpenVG 1.1 hardware processing pipeline.


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