design services

Leveraging our design and technical expertise accumulated through our own IP product development, we support system design/development for our customers.

We provide one-stop / assessment services from both hardware and software aspects including algorithm and product planning from the projection/design stage through the development phase by offering development environments, co-development, and/or contracted development.

We support the development and design of our customers by helping develop SoC, ASIC, and software (drivers, libraries, and applications).

As a reliable partner to our customers, we conduct the support services provided by our well-experienced and skilled engineers who have a track record of many development service projects for assembly manufacturers and LSI vendors.

Record of provided hardware development services

Rendering engines Sprite engine for LCD controller LSIs
Multi-pixel rendering engines for amusement machines
Bus bridging logics AXI-APB and AHB-APB, etc.
Display logics/memory controllers For graphics IP integrated LSIs
FPGA implementations Designs/implementations of image-warping IP cores and peripheral logics
FPGA implementations of e-paper logics
IP telecommunication equipment logics Numerous projects

Record of provided software development services

API libraries for different graphics applications Standard/non-standard API libraries
GPU development consultation Profiling software, etc.
GUI applications For mobile phones and embedded systems use, etc.
Graphics API test programs For telecom service providers, etc.
Font drawing engine applications Development of GPU-enabled engines and applications
Graphics emulators Graphics emulators for PC, etc.
Other software for embedded systems Implementation of image warping engine for in-car systems


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