GPU IP (Graphics IP products)


High-performance 2D (sprite graphics) GPU IP
combining high pixel processing capacity and minimum gate count

Product overview

GH310 is a GPU IP that packages the 2D Sprite engine available in the GSHARK-TAKUMI family IPs. This IP accelerates 2D graphics on embedded systems such as digital audio-video devices.
Casting no LSI cost impact with the smallest-in-family footprint (gate count), GH310 helps enrich your displays including GUIs instantly and easily.

Key advantages

1. 2D sprite engine – Fast and advanced

The 2D functions such as image scaling, rotation, and blending enrich the expression of your display applications, such as GUI menu designs and animations. Hardware rendering of high-load graphics frees up the CPU from the high load, enabling high-performance graphics rendering in embedded systems.

2. Footprint & power consumption – Small and low

3. Compatibility

The software compatibility of the 2D Sprite engine allows you to fully utilize your software asset on another IP from the GSHARK-TAKUMI family IPs.

Key features

Pixel performance 800M pix/sec
Texture size Up to 8192 x 8192 pixels
Color format RGB, YUV
2D rendering <2D Sprite engine>
Scaling, rotation, transformation,
BitBLT, line/dot/rectangle drawing,
blending, transparent color
Other functions Copy engine (fast rectangle-fill rendering, format conversion)


Synthesizable RTL code
Sprite library
Associated documentation