GPU IP (Graphics IP products)


A shader architecture type 3D GPU
Integrating the OpenVG 1.1 hardware processing pipeline

Product overview

GSV3100 is a graphics processor IP conformant to OpenGL ES2.0/1.1 and OpenVG1.1. High performance, small footprint, and low power consumption – The GSHARK-TAKUMI architecture achieves all these at a higher level and is perfect for use in mobile/embedded system devices.

GSV3100 combines 3D rendering functions powered by the programmable shader and an OpenVG hardware accelerator intended for embedded system use.

Key advantages

1.Proprietary architecture – MATTS developed by TAKUMI

GSV3100 adopts the MATTS architecture integrating the programmable shader that has successfully optimized a dynamic load balance of vertex and pixel (fragment) processing, combined with high performance and low power consumption at a time.

2.Graphics IP core – Advanced and hybrid

By integrating a native OpenVG accelerator, this high-performance, real-hybrid graphics IP core supports both 3D renderings on OpenGL ES 2.0 and vector graphics renderings on OpenVG 1.1.

3.Footprint & power consumption – Small and low

4.Hardware acceleration IP – High-performance/quality graphics rendering with minimized CPU load

Key features

Pixel performance 400M pix/sec
Texture size Up to 8192 x 8192 pixels
3D rendering Integrated high-performance programmable shader:
- Unified shader and multiple thread processing to realize the fast and efficient parallel computes
- High-precision computing on the parallel compute unit in 32-bit floating point
Transform, lighting, setup, rasterize,
texturing, texture filtering,
blending, dithering,
full-scene antialiasing,
vertex array engine
2D rendering <Vector graphics engine>
Path processing, transform, rasterize,
lines, curves (Quadratic/Cubic Bezier curves), elliptical arcs,
paint (color/gradient/pattern),
scissoring, alpha masking, alpha blending,
antialiasing, color space conversion,
image drawing (scaling/rotation/transformation), image filtering

<2D Sprite engine>
Scaling, rotation, transformation,
BitBLT, line/dot/rectangle drawing,
blending, transparent color
Other functions Copy engine (fast rectangle-fill rendering, format conversion)
Standard conformance OpenGL ES 2.0/1.1 and OpenVG 1.1


Synthesizable RTL code
OpenGL ES2.0/1.1、OpenVG1.1 Library
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