GPU IP (Graphics IP products)


Gen 4 2D (vector graphics) & 3D GPU IP
A GPU IP combining 3D and 2D rendering features with high performance, low power consumption, and minimum CPU load.

Product overview

GV580 is a Gen 4 2D (vector graphics) GPU IP with 3D drawing functions. With further advanced architecture for minimized CPU load in 2D graphics processing and increased pixel performance in vector processing, GV580 comes with a significant enhancement of effective rendering performance.

Sharing the pipeline for 3D and 2D graphics rendering, this IP core is a size-efficient 3D & 2D GPU IP.

The OpenVG conformant 2D GPUs from TAKUMI that make possible 2D graphics displays such as GUI for better user experience, with high-quality rendering, faster acceleration, and much less power consumption, are best fits for a variety of embedded systems, including digital camera and in-car products.

Key advantages

1.Architecture – Gen. 4

– Enhanced performance of the vector graphics processing pipeline
– Optimized bus access and maximized rendering performance for GUI on embedded systems by the new rendering algorithm
– More advanced architecture for much less CPU load

2.Drawing functions – High-quality vector graphics

3.Drawing functions for 3D applications using the OpenGL ES1.1 conformant 3D rendering

4.Footprint & power consumption – Small and low

5.Hardware acceleration IP – High-performance/quality graphics rendering with minimized CPU load

– Vector graphics IP enabling the smallest-in-class CPU load achieved by the proprietary HW implementation architecture the effective

6.Conformance – Industry standards

Key features

Pixel performance 400-800M pix/sec (normal) and 6.4G pix/sec (maximum)
3D rendering 10M triangles/sec
Texture size Up to 8192 x 8192 pixels
2D rendering
Path processing, transform, rasterize,
lines, curves (Quadratic/Cubic Bezier curves), elliptical arcs,
paints (color/gradient/pattern),
scissoring, alpha masking, alpha blending,
antialiasing, color space conversion,
image drawing (scaling/rotation/transformation), image filtering

<2D Sprite engine>
Scaling, rotation, transformation,
BitBLT, line/dot/rectangle drawing,
blending, transparent color
3D rendering Built-in floating point processor,
flat/smooth shading,
texturing, texture filtering,
fogging, blending, dithering,
full-scene antialiasing,
display list, vertex array
Other functions Copy engine (fast rectangle-fill rendering, format conversion)
Standard conformance OpenVG 1.1/OpenGL ES 1.1


Synthesizable RTL code
OpenVG 1.1/OpenGL ES1.1 library
Associated documentation