TAKUMI Started Licensing the new OpenGL ES2.0 Graphics IP Core
– Quest for smaller and faster GPU fruited as “GS3000” and “GSV3000” –

May 1, 2012, Tokyo ? TAKUMI Corporation (“TAKUMI”) [Head Office: 4-3-6 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Osamu Shigenami] announced today that the company will start licensing the new high performance graphics accelerator IPs “GS3000” and “GSV3000” conformant to OpenGL ES2.0/1.1 and OpenVG1.1* that are established standards for embedded system graphics API.

Inheriting the GSHARK-TAKUMI’s key concept of “minimized footprint, power consumption and CPU load” proven with over 50 million commercial SoC track record, GS3000 is the new higher performing and lower power consuming OpenGL ES2.0 graphics IP core designed with the newly developed programmable shader architecture “MATTS”.

GSV3000 is the hybrid graphics IP core integrating the dedicated 2D Vector hard-wired graphics logic proven by GV3xx/5xx as shared pipeline in a highly efficient manner to realize accelerated 2D Vector rendering conformant to OpenVG1.1 as well as minimized CPU load.

Adopting unified shader architecture, both GS3000 and GSV3000 not only enable the best load balance optimized to variety of rendering jobs but also allow maximized performance for GPGPU use. Both IPs are scalable to optimized configuration for different embedded systems. Clock supply and operating frequency evolved to a controllable mechanism optimized to the new MATTS architecture and allows flexible power saving to each application.

“Thanks to latest evolution of the LSI technologies, increase of the denominator of the performance/size ratio is getting the citizenship”, says Osamu Shigenami, CEO of TAKUMI, about the new IPs. “That said, production cost still matters and the device cost competition is even more intense due to the changing market conditions. With introduction of the new GS3000 and GSV3000, TAKUMI is continuously committed to helping customers with these key issues and to enhancing the GSHARK-TAKUMI family lineup as the solution to enrich graphics display on embedded systems.”

GS3000 and GSV3000 will be showcased at the 15th Embedded System Expo (ESEC) held at Tokyo Big Sight from May 9 (Wed) to 11 (Fri), 2012.

* Conformance tests for OpenGL ES2.0, OpenGL ES1.1 and OpenVG1.1 are expected.

GSHARK-TAKUMI family is the graphics solution to accelerate display rendering on a variety of embedded systems including mobile devices, digital home appliances and in-car information systems. Uniquely designed and customized to embedded systems, GSHARK-TAKUMI family extensively lines up graphics IP cores considering all different embedded system use cases for the best selection.

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TAKUMI Sales and Marketing Group: (Tel) +81-3-5419-8690

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