TAKUMI Started Licensing “GV550”
The OpenVG/OpenGL ES Hybrid Highest Performance IP

April 13, 2011, Tokyo ? TAKUMI Corporation (“TAKUMI”) [Head Office: 4-3-6 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Osamu Shigenami] announced today successful launch of the new hybrid IP “GSHARK-TAKUMI GV550”, and started licensing the IP to diversified consumer electronics users.

GV550 is enhancement from the silicon-proven GV500 already used in multiple customer SoCs and conformant to both OpenGL ES1.1 and OpenVG 1.1. Applications frequently used for GUI including image drawing, font scaling and map drawing are significantly accelerated by GV550 whose effective rendering performance is maximized with three times faster 3D transform and lighting, up to 32 times faster pixel performance and significantly improved memory bus utilization, compared with GV500.

GV550 as well as GV330 launched last year are categorized as TAKUMI’s 3G (third generation) IPs capable of smooth and natural drawing on the full high definition screens. Another notable aspect of GV550 is its footprint. By further enhancing the shared pipeline architecture which accommodates both 3D and 2D/Vector Graphics processes, GV550 has achieved remarkable high performance/size ratio.

Representative enhancements with GV550 are:
 1) 3D Transform and Lighting ? maximum of 10M triangles per second
  This 3x speed (vs. GV500) 3D computing performance accommodates more complicated 3D objects.

 2) Exponentially higher pixel performance ? 32X maximum (vs. GV500)
  Up to 1.6 Giga pixels can be processed every second. (*)

 3) Maximized bus utilization with optimized rasterizer algorithm ? 8X max. (vs. GV500)
  All rendering processes, particularly image drawing, are now 8 times faster, maximum.

 4) Larger texture support ? up to 8K by 8K
  The market need for high definition resolution is totally accommodated.

 5) High speed module is available as options ? optimized performance/size combination
  Selection of the best performance and circuit size optimized to the user requirements and
  applications is now available.

“Enhancements implemented in GV550 include but not limited to vector graphics performance for frequently used primitives achieved with GV330 as well as much higher effective performance for 3D graphics. GV550 also has achieved less size penalty by further evolving the pipeline sharing for 2D and 3D, winding up with about 20% gate count increase compared with GV500 (**)”, says Hiroyuki Nitta, TAKUMI Head of R&D. “TAKUMI is continuously committed to developing and enhancing the GSHARK-TAKUMI family as a solution to enrich GUI for embedded systems”.

* Depends on executed content.
** The gate count varies according to combination of selected hardware options.

Founded in 2003, TAKUMI licenses out its unique and OpenGL ES 1.x and OpenVG 1.1-compliant Graphics Accelerator IP cores for embedded systems and mobile information devices including digital still/video cameras, mobile phones, in-car displays and set-top boxes that enable the smallest size and power consumption as well as real rich 3D/2D/Vector Graphics-based intuitive user interface around the world. The company maintains headquarters in Ninato-ku, Tokyo. TAKUMI also has an office in Kofu, Yamanashi.

Contact Information
TAKUMI Sales and Marketing Group: (Tel) +81-3-5419-8690

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