TAKUMI Launches GV330
The New Dedicated Vector Graphics IP Core with Significantly Enhanced Rendering Performance and Functionalities

April 22, 2010, Tokyo ? TAKUMI Corporation (“TAKUMI”) [Head Office: 4-3-6 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Osamu Shigenami] announced today official release of the new GSHARK-TAKUMI GV330 Vector Graphics Accelerator IP Core (“GV330”) compliant with OpenVG1.1, a graphics API standard for embedded systems.

Incorporating growing need for a high performance graphics accelerator to enable high quality and smooth graphical display of highly advanced GUI in higher resolution, TAKUMI has developed GV330 based on GV300 released in May last year by significantly upgrading the performance.

Major enhancements include:
– Maximum of 32-time faster (compared to GV300) pixel performance*.
– Maximized bus utility efficiency to realize up to 8-time faster (compared to GV300) drawing in image intensive content.
– Other optional high performance modules allowing multiple combinations depending on customer’s priority on performance or gate count.
In addition to these GV330 incorporates other functional enhancement including up to 8K x 8K image size, incorporating latest market needs.

“We conducted performance enhancement focusing on vector graphics rendering of frequent use, targeting on rendering of images including thumbnails, scalable fonts, and maps”, says Hiro Nitta, TAKUMI’s Executive Director in charge of R&D. “With these specific foci, core size penalty was successfully minimized (8 to 15% increase over GV300**) against significant performance improvement to sustain reputed GSHARK-TAKUMI family’s compact footprints”.

TAKUMI’s 2D Vector Graphics Accelerator IP Cores GV300/330 and GV500 additionally including 3D rendering have track record of multiple license cases globally and integrated in many SoCs.

TAKUMI will conduct GV330 demonstration at “The 13th Embedded System Expo” held at Tokyo Big Sight from May 12 (Wed) to 14 (Fri), 2010. We look forward to your attendance at TAKUMI booth (East 34-25)

* The performance depends on executed content.
** The gate count changes according to combination of selected hardware options.

Founded in 2003, TAKUMI licenses out its unique and OpenGL ES 1.x and OpenVG 1.1-compliant Graphics Accelerator IP cores for embedded systems and mobile information devices including digital still/video cameras, mobile phones, in-car displays and set-top boxes that enable the smallest size and power consumption as well as real rich 3D/2D/Vector Graphics-based intuitive user interface around the world. The company maintains headquarters in Shiba, Tokyo. TAKUMI also has an office in Kofu, Yamanashi.

Contact Information
TAKUMI Sales and Marketing Group: (Tel) +81-3-5419-8690

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