TAKUMI Joins the Khronos Group Event in China
Date : Mar 13(Tue.) – 17(Sat.), 2012

The Khronos Group holds another significant event in China, “Khronos China Outreach” and TAKUMI joins the whole events to support further promotion of the Khronos activities in the country.

The Khronos China Outreach includes two regular Developer Universities (DevU) each in Beijing and Shanghai as well as local Face to Face Meetings and important meetings with key technology and business leaders in China. TAKUMI is excited to work as Khronos staff for further promotion of the Khronos Group activities and also give presentations and show commercial product demonstrations there.

Major Events Scheduled
Dates and Venue : Mar. 13 (Tue) & 14 (Wed) Hilton Beijing, 16 (Fri) & 17 (Sat) Intercontinental EXPO
DevUs ? Mar. 14 in Beijing and 17 in Shanghai

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Contact Information
TAKUMI Corporation
Sales and Marketing Group: (Tel) +81-3-5419-8690

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