Image Warping IP


Distortion correction (any-shape transform), mag/min scaling, rotation
Resolution: Up to 4K x 4K, RGB/YUV (8-bit)

Product overview

Built on the GSHARK-TAKUMI graphics accelerator IP core expertise, TAKUMI’s Image Warping IP Core family lines up hardware acceleration IP products that support a variety of different image warping/transform applications and their on-the-fly processing.

Image warping IPs can correct distorted images captured through a wide-angle or fish-eye lens on different digital camera products, which also enables highly efficient and on-the-fly processing of image transformation at a video output from in-car head-up displays, projectors, or VR applications.

Different on-the-fly/highly flexible coordinate transformation and correction processings by this Image Warping IP are applicable to many different users and applications.

Key advantages

1.Distortion correction – Highly flexible

Performs distortion correction of any erratic shape or with high-degree polynomial calculations.

2.4K and 60/120 fps – High resolution and frame rate support

3.Distortion correction – Low latency

Makes high-performance and low-latency on-the-fly processing possible with advanced cache designs.

4.Versatile format support – Covering a variety of RGB/YUV formats

Key features

Resolution Up to 4K x 4K
Input/output images Different RGB/YUV formats, 8-bit color
Key features Distortion correction (any-shape transform), scaling, rotation
Filter support: Bilinear


Camera products (digital/network/in-car/surveillance and other cameras), projectors, VR/AR devices, HUD, and many more


Synthesizable RTL code
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