New GSHARK-TAKUMI Series Graphics Accelerator IP CoreGV500 and GV300 Supporting 2D Vector Graphics

Tokyo, Japan May 8, 2009 – TAKUMI Corporation (“TAKUMI”) [Head Office: 4-3-6 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Osamu Shigenami] announced today that the company has started licensing GV500 and GV300, TAKUMI’s new graphics accelerator IP core supporting 2D Vector Graphics for use mainly in mobile phones and digital consumer electronics products. Both IP cores support the API standards for embedded systems: GV500 supports both OpenGL ES1.1 and OpenVG1.1 while GV300 supports OpenVG1.1.

GV500 : Both 2D Vector Graphics and 3D graphics are supported
GV300 : Dedicated for 2D Vector Graphics

Inheriting high performance and small power consumption architecture from other existing GSHARK-TAKUMI IP cores, GV500 and GV300 are new products developed specifically for use in embedded systems including mobile phones, digital audio-visual home appliances and in-car displays. 2D Vector Graphics is a graphics technology constructing images in vector format that designates such geometrical primitives as points, lines and curves based on mathematical equations. Compared to bitmap format where data are stored as aggregation of pixels, vector graphics requires high processing load per each scene yet with no image quality penalty at magnification, minification and transformation or scaling, as its key benefit. These new products can provide benefit of little CPU load in displaying various scenes in vector format enabled by its hardware acceleration. Conformant with OpenVG1.1 standard having high affinity with Flash and outline fonts, both IP cores will enable high quality vector graphics rendering in embedded systems as well by high speed processing of these applications.

GV500 is one of world’s first Khronos-certified OpenVG-compliant products while conformance test submission of GV300 is already scheduled. Being a 3D graphics engine as well, GV500 has also received certification from Khronos Group for OpenGL ES1.1, which makes the IP core one of the few graphics accelerators conformant both with OpenVG and OpenGL ES.

Integrating GV500 and GV300, attending every graphics application need including high quality GUI, outline fonts, games and map drawing, into SoC and ASIC for embedded systems will surely offer the best user experience to end users.

Sample vector graphics scenes

Founded in 2003, TAKUMI licenses out its unique and OpenGL ES 1.x and OpenVG 1.1-compliant Graphics Accelerator IP cores for embedded systems and mobile information devices including digital still/video cameras, mobile phones, in-car displays and set-top boxes that enable the smallest size and power consumption as well as real rich 3D/2D/Vector Graphics-based intuitive user interface around the world. The company maintains headquarters in Shiba, Tokyo.TAKUMI also has an office in Kofu, Yamanashi.

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