Monotype Imaging and TAKUMI to Unveil OpenVG Text Solution at ESEC Expo

TOKYO, Embedded Systems Expo, booth East 42-7, May 13, 2009 ? Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: TYPE), a leading global provider of text imaging solutions, and TAKUMI Corp., a Tokyo-based supplier of graphics accelerator IP cores, will demonstrate TAKUMI’s OpenVGR- and OpenGLR ES?-compliant GV500 core graphics accelerator technology integrated with Monotype Imaging’s iTypeR font engine at the ESEC Expo in Tokyo, May 13-15, 2009, booth East 42-7. Demonstrations will feature a reference board running in an FPGA environment, with applications featuring 2D objects processed through the GV500 core, in addition to text objects rendered through Monotype Imaging’s scalable solution.

“Our partnership with TAKUMI is an important step toward ensuring high-quality, scalable text display in OpenVG environments,” said John Seguin, executive vice president of Monotype Imaging. “Hardware acceleration technologies such as OpenVG are becoming more prevalent as developers and manufacturers of mobile phones, gaming consoles and other devices aim to benefit from the performance and battery life advantages that these technologies offer. Together with TAKUMI, our goal is to blend these capabilities with the quality and legibility benefits our font solutions can bring to graphically intensive applications and user interfaces.”

“TAKUMI recognizes that text content is of high importance to Japanese manufacturers in the context of hardware accelerated rendering,” said Osamu Shigenami, president and chief executive officer of TAKUMI. “Our partnership with Monotype Imaging will allow us to provide the highest quality in text support while bringing the benefits of hardware rendering to our customers. Thanks to the quality and ease of adaptability of Monotype Imaging’s solution, which includes OpenVG-compliant APIs, as well as the company’s global presence and customer support, we view Monotype Imaging as a preferred vendor for pre-tested, fully integrated font solutions.”

Monotype Imaging and TAKUMI are contributing members of the Khronos Group, a member-funded industry consortium focused on the creation of open standards, including the OpenVG specification, which enables the authoring and acceleration of dynamic media on a wide variety of platforms and devices. The OpenVG standard defines a low-level hardware acceleration layer for vector graphics libraries and supports scalable, 2D vector graphics applications and text engines. As a cross-platform API, OpenVG is targeted primarily at handheld devices requiring portable acceleration of high-quality vector graphics for user interfaces and text on small screens.

TAKUMI GV500 graphics accelerator IP core
GV500 is a 3D graphics accelerator intellectual property core that also has 2D vector graphics rendering functions. The technology enables scalable 2D rendering such as lines, curves, and fill within graphically rich environments, such as mapping applications. GV500 core technology conforms to both OpenVG1.1 and OpenGL ES1.1 standard APIs.

Monotype Imaging iType font engine
Monotype Imaging’s iType scalable font engine enables device manufacturers and developers to build products that clearly display text based on outline or stroke font data. In addition to proprietary innovations such as the company’s SmartHint? technology for displaying East Asian text using stroke-based fonts, iType supports TrueTypeR fonts, the company’s CATT? (Compact Asian for TrueType Technology) fonts, stroke fonts, bitmaps, embedded bitmaps, font subsets, custom fonts and linked fonts. iType also supports the company’s Edge? Technology and Edge-enhanced fonts, a solution designed to enable the display of superior quality, typographically rich East Asian text within memory-constrained devices.

Founded in 2003, TAKUMI Corp. licenses OpenGL ES 1.x and OpenVG 1.1-compliant graphics accelerator IP cores for embedded systems and mobile information devices including digital still/video cameras, mobile phones and set-top boxes that enable the smallest size and power consumption, in addition to rich 3D/2D/vector graphics-based user interfaces. Based in Shiba, Tokyo, TAKUMI also has an office in Kofu, Yamanashi.

About Monotype Imaging Monotype Imaging is a global provider of text imaging solutions for manufacturers and developers of consumer electronics devices including laser printers, copiers, mobile phones, digital televisions, set-top boxes, navigation devices, digital cameras and software applications and operating systems. The company also provides printer drivers and color imaging technologies to OEMs (original equipment manufacturers). Monotype Imaging technologies are combined with access to more than 10,000 typefaces from the MonotypeR, LinotypeR and ITCR typeface libraries ? home to some of the world’s most widely used designs, including the Times New RomanR, HelveticaR and ITC Franklin Gothic? typefaces. Fonts are licensed to creative and business professionals through custom font design services, direct sales or e-commerce portals. Monotype Imaging offers fonts and industry-standard solutions that support all of the world’s major languages. The company is based in Woburn, Mass., with regional offices in the U.K., Germany (Linotype), Mt. Prospect, Ill., Redwood City, Calif., Boulder, Colo., Japan, China and Korea. Information about Monotype Imaging and its products can be found at and

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